Blue Tansy the next must have ingredient

To preface this blog, I'm going to mention that the transition from using a traditional skincare
line for services to an organic plant based one has been a game changer. Yes, I've had to learn a
new vocabulary, and swap out typical ingredient names for their natural counterparts, leaving me
feeling somewhat feeble minded...however, seeing the results first hand has made me a convert! 
I have the privilege of working with a skilled medical chemist who is truly concerned with the
results her products have on your skin. Kasia, the master mixologist behind the Buffalo Gal
Organic/ BgO brand, has been the driving creative force bringing this incredible professional
skin care line to fruition and I'm here to tell you the effects and results are amazing! 
If there is one ingredient that you need to know about today... it is the miracle that is blue tansy.
Occasionally an ingredient comes along that grabs our attention, where the blend of efficacy and
sheer visual impact sets it above the rest. Case in point, the beautiful lapis floral oil, blue tansy. 
 Blue Tansy is a perennial herb native to Morocco, Portugal and Spain. Sometimes called
Moroccan blue chamomile, it's part of the daisy family and yields a deep blue essential oil when
the flowers are distilled with steam. 
Blue Tansy has strong antioxidant properties and is highly anti-inflammatory, so it works to
calm and soothe, making it perfect for sensitized reactive skin. It also has antibacterial and
antihistamine properties so it offers relief to those suffering with acne or rosacea flare ups.  It has
a relaxing effect, making it the perfect addition to nighttime serums. In short, blue tansy is
guaranteed to make an impression on your skin! We offer a full line featuring Blue Tansy... Our
gel based cleanser, enzyme exfoliating mask, and calming Blue Tansy Serum to be used in our
skin care treatments or for at home use. 
The results after the BgO Blue Tansy Skin Treatment have been fantastic... it's truly becoming
our stand out service. It soothes the skin, evens out texture, improves tone, and achieves visual
balance on the skin.


written by Kristine Koch

Nickel City Skincare @BGO

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