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Step 1: Clean Up Your Act

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Back in 2010, owner and chemist Kasia Cummings started Buffalo Gal Organics on a whim. From the first batch of organic, all natural hand cream to treat her daughter's dermatitis, Kasia knew she was onto something. If you've followed our story, you would know we've come a long way! We've added a couple (hundred) new products, two licensed estheticians, a tea lady, and a few other friendly faces. You may have seen us before, or this could be your first introduction, but we are committed to sharing our philosophy of self love and natural beauty with no funky junk added. So we wanted to bring our vision to you, but this time in writing!

Today, we're talking cleansers. As the first step of a basic skin care routine, finding the correct cleanser for your skin type id very important but doesn't have to be difficult. Buffalo Gal has three different type of cleansers in our portfolio: oil based or precleanses, activated charcoal, and gel cleansers. From there, we simply base it off of your personal skin type, needs and concerns.

Now, we're a little biased, but we believe that plant based oil cleansers are the perfect first step. They remove makeup with ease and are completely safe to use around the eye. If you are one of the many that deal with oily skin, you may be apprehensive or wondering if oil cleansers would even be something to consider. the answer to that question is fairly simple. Yes they're right for you! Oily skin actually benefits most from oil based cleansers. Using the correct precleanse will help to balance out the oil production on your skin because the good oils in the cleanser will bind too and help remove the unhealthy oils from your skin. Think in terms of "like attracts like." This will in turn regulate the amount of sebum (oil) that your skin produces on a daily basis leaving you with clean, hydrated and balanced skin.

After that, if you're looking for something that fits more of the "typical cleanser" criteria, our activated charcoal or gel cleansers are it. Activated charcoal is one of those hidden gem ingredients in the skin care world that has been gaining increasing popularity. In terms of skincare, activated charcoal is a powerful, yet gentle detoxing agent. Whether it's in a cleanser or a face mask, the charcoal will bind to the dirt, oil and impurities deep in your pores and pull them right out. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. Also, our activated charcoal cleansers don't foam, so they leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed without stripping your skin of it's natural hydration. 

For extra radiant skin, the lovely ladies at Buffalo Gal adore pairing our oil based precleanses right along with one of our activated charcoal cleansers. Starting with a pump of precleanse, apply it with dry hands to dry skin which will break down makeup and oil on the skin. Leave this on! Then follow with a pump of activated charcoal or gel cleanser and a little bit of water right over the precleanse and rinse. This double cleanse system is one of our favorites for glowy skin. We'll have an Instagram video demonstration of the double cleanse coming soon. 

As always, we want to hear from you. Feel free to stop in or contact us for any questions or concerns, our specialists are happy to help. Then, make sure you look out for our next post where we'll be tackling toners!

At Buffalo Gal, we believe that self care is key. Leave us a comment about what YOU did for yourself this week!



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