CHAKRA MINI SET... to carry with you for everyday balance, alignment and attunement. Perfect little talismans to hold in your hand when you feel that you need an energy boost and a connection to the magical power of gems.

Your set comes with one of each of the following stones for keeping your energy centers balanced:
* red jasper (1st chakra )- your roots and relationships
* carnelian (2nd chakra) - your creativity and career
* citrine (3rd chakra )- your personal power and prosperity
* turquoise (4th chakra) - your heart, emotion and love
* sodalite (5th chakra) - your inner voice, communication
* Blue lace agate (6th chakra) - gentle awakening of your intuition
* banded Agate (7th chakra) - for balance and connection to the higher realms

Charged with the sun and moon, infused with Universal Energy. Carry with you for balance, clarity and alignment. Each stone represents one of the 7 major energy systems of the body and come in a gorgeous gossamer pouch with white sage to clear and protect.

Your gems will come packaged with a sprig of white sage to cleanse and clear once it comes home to you along with a gemstory card explaining the properties of the gem contained within.

You will receive one of each stone, beautiful, unique and hand chosen for you. Each stone is on the small side of tumbled stones and perfect to carry with you in a pocket, purse or wherever you deem necessary.

Each tumbled gemstone is a gorgeous creation of the earth and each one will be unique unto itself. Please expect variations in size, color and clarity. Pictures are representative of the stone you will get, unless otherwise noted.

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