Ethereal tumbled Rose Quartz for enduring and everlasting LOVE. Rose Quartz can be used on its own to impart a feeling of love and harmony to the wearer, giving a feeling of serenity and calm. It is a very gentle stone and can be used to manifest love in all of its forms including platonic, romantic or passionate. It is widely used in conjunction with other stones to do all energy work with a gentle hand a with love as the guide. I use rose quartz in my Reiki healings for so many reasons, especially when there needs to be a gentle release of energy within the system.

Rose quartz is stone that you cannot and should not live without.

Your gem will come packaged with a sprig of white sage to cleanse and clear once it comes home to you along with a gemstory card explaining the properties of the gem contained within.

Type of stone: Rose Quartz
Size: medium (12mm to 22mm)

Each tumbled gemstone is a gorgeous creation of the earth and each one will be unique unto itself. Please expect variations in size, color and clarity. Pictures are representative of the stone you will get, unless otherwise noted. Listing is for ONE stone only.

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